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Cleaning up the tongkat ali market

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Most of the tongkat ali sold via the Internet is fake. I assume that about 97 percent of the sites selling tongkat ali cheat customers. Worst infected are trade portals like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. Anybody can start selling on Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. One just has to offer a fake product at a price which is low enough, and will have the first stupid buyer within three days. Payments can be accepted without necessity to reveal one's identity. And that is the crux.

Many people with low moral standards are willing to become fraudsters if they can hide their identities. And the best buyer protection is to demand to pay to a personal bank account. Avoid PayPal and even credit cards when paying for tongkat ali.

After you paid to a bank account, and if you doubt your supplier is legitimate, let me know.

If I, too, suspect your source to be a scam, you can give me the seller data, and in exchange, you will receive a bottle of 100 capsules of 300 mg of genuine 1:200 extract, free of charge.

Please note: this offer applies only in case you purchased a fake. If you bought from well-known legitimate distributors, I have the seller data anyway, and you would not qualify for the free bottle.

Furthermore, the scammer must be identified by a bank account. A bank account is backed by a verified identity. A name in email correspondence means nothing. Fakers of tongkat ali use fake names all the time.

With an identity backed by a recipient bank account, I can easily get law enforcement agencies on the heels of scammers. I collect rewards for putting tongkat ali scammers into legal trouble.

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