What is a tongkat ali penis?

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No, “tongkat ali penis” doesn’t refer to a scammer, or “tongkat ali asshole”. Though it would be a tempting addition to the urban dictionary, the reference here is less glamorous. Sure, tongkat ali fakers deserve any degree of contempt, especially when they substitute an effective herbal with their own masturbation techniques (see here when in the mood for some fun). However, a tongkat ali penis is more like a medical condition, void of derogatory associations.

When I was a teenager, I often had a tennis elbow. Now, I’m in my 50s, and I often have a tongkat ali penis.

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Fact is, our elbows haven’t been designed to hit a ball with a racket for two hours a day. They will get sore.

And I doubt that any man’s penis can cope with two hours of penetration every day.

But that can be my schedule when I am in a full tongkat ali cycle with 2 grams of 1:50 extract per day.

Yes, 2 grams a day is double the standard dosage of 1 gram per day. I have even gone to 4 grams per day. I tried 4 grams per day because I wanted to test tongkat ali extract for side effects.

I used open extract that is shipped in pouches. I found out that it is best to mix one’s daily dosage with half a glass of orange juice. While tongkat ali is bitter, the orange juice is best suited to mask the taste.

So, tongkat ali side effects. I have had feedback from one bodybuilder who consumed in one go 15 gram of 1:50 extract. He vomited.

Obviously, tongkat ali extract is a medication, not a herb or spice like ginger. I don’t know what a 15-fold overdose is for ginger, but I have tried a 4-fold dose of tongkat ali extract.

I did not vomit. Actually, I did not feel any physical side effects. But using 4 grams a day over several days definitely lowered my anger and fury thresholds.

This means that small disturbing events such as a fellow participant in road traffic violating my right of way could, in the span of seconds, raise my anger-related adrenaline tone to maximum levels. In such a situation, I am mentally not far away from just ramming my car into his, and I could fantasize for half an hour about using the steel bar of my steering wheel lock to smash his windshield, and even the driver’s head.

Such deeds, of course, would be unwise indeed. I believe that we ought to control and subdue our aggressive impulses, as otherwise, we will certainly land in jail or in hospital.

Uncontrolled aggressiveness can lead us towards doing things, which we later deeply regret.

Alas, this aggressiveness is also a central aspect of being male. And my maleness is something I don’t want to interfere with… not negatively anyway.

So I bear with the aggressiveness, though it is a potential disadvantage. A side effect that is dangerous more to my social environment than it is to me.

And yes, there is the additional side effect which I have termed, in the first sentences of this article, a “tongkat ali penis”.

Soreness from overuse.

If I have penetrative intercourse for up to 2 hours for several days in a row, my dear member will show signs of skin irritation (redness, soreness), and sometimes even heavy skin irritation (fissures).

Penile skin is thin. You can’t rub it for two hours day in, day out, and expect it to remain fully intact. You can’t do this with your skin anywhere on your body, even if you use a lubricant.

I cycle tongkat ali extract two weeks on, one week off. Because of the negative feedback mechanisms that rule the endocrine system, cycling is the correct approach for any hormonal therapy.

In this case, cycles are also called for to allow one’s “tongkat ali penis” the necessary rest for a few days.

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