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Dostinex and tongkat ali

Mark Fisher

While for many men, a phosphodiesterase inhibitor such as Viagra has solved the problem of achieving and maintaining an erection, a proper plumbing (blood flow into the penis) is just part of what constitutes superior sex. The wiring (electrical impulses traveling through nerves) has to be in top condition, too.

A phosphodiesterase inhibitor alone is like a morning erection? Not necessarily caused by heightened sexual awareness.

Compared to solving problems associated with penile plumbing, sexual wiring seems more complex. And while there are several, albeit sometimes not particularly popular alternatives to phosphodiesterase inhibitors for fixing the plumbing (e.g. alprostadil penile injections, penis pumps), the search for a wiring fix has been rather elusive.

The best prospects for synthetic pharmaceuticals lay with dopaminergic drugs. But they have many immediate unpleasant side effects such as causing nausea and sleepiness.

But new dopaminergic drugs with a better immediate side-effect profile are constantly developed, among them Dostinex.

However, by and large I am not in favor of synthetic pharmaceuticals to enhance libido. On the one side, a short-term advantage is paid for by a long-term imbalance to the dopaminergic system.

This is most extreme with cocaine, but brain scans have shown a degradation of the dopaminergic system after the use of pharmaceutical dopaminergics, too.

On the other hand, I am suspicious of synthetic pharmaceuticals. In that they are xenobiotics (substances that have not occured in our evolutionary environment), they are all likely to have a long-term negative impact such as causing cancer or strokes.

Synthetic dopaminergics are needed in the treatment of certain diseases such as Parkinson's. But they do not work well to improve overall health in people who do not suffer from specific diseases.

Overall health, including overall sexual health, is best augmented by NATURAL substances such as tongkat ali which is not a xenobiotic to humane evolution.

The effect may not be felt immediately, but tongkat ali has been shown not only to improve LONG-TERM sexual function, but also to be cytotoxic to cancers (killing cancer cells).

I agree that in light of the potential suffering they might experience (such as surgery under failed anesthesia), it would be best for most people to just die in their sleep in the next night. Actually, that option would be available with the right mix of sleeping tablets.

But for all those who do not have the courage for that, optimal sex in good health up to the end is the only thing worth living for.

Precisely this is the great potential achievement of NATURAL libido enhancers like tongkat ali, and maybe butea superba (but do not buy butea superba extract, only the actual herbal from Thailand).

Some prescription medications may have a more noticeable direct erection-enhancing quality. But because of the long-term damage, these medications are a sensible option only for those who anyway plan to commit suicide soon (which would be just fine).

For the rest of us who want long-term sexual and overall health, tongkat ali is much better.

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