Improving sexual function

In as much as optimal orgasms have a metaphysical dimension as the true meaning of life, optimal sexual function is the most important practical concern of every man and woman who has achieved a high degree of self-cognition.

I am beyond 50, and when I have taken my daily dosage of 1 gram of 1:50 tongkat ali extract, I do double the number of pull-ups, compared to when I am tongkat ali sober.

The strength gain is greatest after the second day of a tongkat ali cycle, and it lasts for about two additional days after I have ended a tongkat ali cycle.

The strength gain is greatest for the kind of exercise that requires muscle strength: pull-ups or running up stairs (an exercise form I personally prefer). There is less benefit from tongkat ali for exercise that is more on endurance, rather than strength, for example distance running over flat terrain.

I think it would be most interesting to do a scientific study on the athletic performance enhancing effect of tongkat ali. Initially, a test utilizing an animal model would be appropriate, e.g. a forced swim test for mice. In such a test, it could easily be determined and measured what effect tongkat ali has on athletic performance.

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Tongkat ali to increase libido

Sex is the essence of life, and libido (sexual desire) is the essence of sex. That is why tongkat ali is superior to Viagra. Viagra causes erections alright but it is stupid reverse logic to think that having an erection makes satisfying sex. Viagra erections, just like alprostadil injections or penis pumps, cause blood flow into the male organ, even if the mind has no sexual desire at all.

But the potential of tongkat ali is something entirely different. The potential of tongkat ali is to give a person back his or her lost sexual desires. Sexual desires are the essence of life. They give us a feeling of what we are living for.

Tongkat ali usually raises testosterone. This is the standard application of the herb. Doing this is not diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing diseases (a statement we have to make as a law abiding company), and yes, we are convinced that in case of any illness, visit a professional physician.

Lack of libido is not a clinical condition, not a disease. It is quite normal when getting older, and quite normal for women of any age.

That it's so normal does not make it any more appealing. A lack of libido results in a lack of sense for being alive.

Based on hundreds of years of Indonesian folk medicine, we believe that tongkat ali can help regain lost libido, or even bring about libido that has never been there.

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Why tongkat ali is superior to Viagra

Viagra (sildenafil citrate) is a beautiful drug when it comes to engineering erections. You pop a pill, and if the pill was a sufficient dosage, then, about an hour later, an erection is quite certain.

You can't do this with tongkat ali. You'll have to take it for some time, and then, there will be an overall improvement to your sex life: better libido, and because of increased excitability, better erections, and better orgasms.

If I take a sufficient dosage of Viagra (let's say: 100 mg), then I can have sex with a woman I don't really find attractive (probably even with a prostitute). I can have sex with her, because I have an erection (which doesn't mean that I necessarily would enjoy it). Actually, on a sufficient dosage of Viagra, I can have an erection without a woman around, and without having sexual thoughts, just by rubbing my member for a minute or two.

So, if the task is some mere plumbing (increased penile inflow, reduced penile outflow), then Viagra is the appropriate tool. But there is more to good sex than is provided by a good erection. First of all, I want to feel desire. I clearly regard appropriate sexual desire as more valuable than easy erections.

As a matter of fact, one can have great sex even with a weak erection. However, one has to learn this. Most men, especially when they aren't yet in their 50's or 60's, sort-of panic when they are with a sex partner, and an erection doesn't automatically happen (as it used to). But while a proper erection is necessary for standard penetrative sex, an erection is not a prerequisite for a satisfying orgasm. For an orgasm, not even much of an ejaculation is essential.

Orgasms are an affair of sexual wiring. Not of sexual plumbing.

Physiologically, they are marked by a sudden dominance of the sympathetic nervous system, while during arousal (and the erective state), the parasympathetic nerves system ruled.

Sympathetic nerve impulses, whether in context with an orgasm or caused by other events (alertness, nervousness, fear, panicking, or simply stress), are always anti-arousal and anti-erectile. This is why men who are afraid of not generating an automatic erection when with a woman, enter a vicious circle: they are worried of not achieving a proper erection, which puts the sympathetic nervous system in command, and because the sympathetic nervous system is in command, they will be even less likely to have an erection. Then they panic, and now they couldn't achieve an erection even when on 200 mg of Viagra.

Of course, if they take the Viagra about an hour before being called to sexual duty, they will likely start out with a sufficient erection, which gives them self-confidence (which supports the parasympathetic nervous system), which will put them in a situation where they will be capable of maintaining their erection.

Doesn't that sound great? Unfortunately, no.

The reason for this assessment (which will surely sound strange to a great many readers): if you over-emphasize the parasympathetic nervous system, then your sympathetic nervous system will be depressed, or at least handicapped. And this means: your orgasmic capacity will be diminished.

I started out on the sexual enhancement trail with yohimbine. That is an alpha adrenergic receptor blocker, especially in the pelvic area. Alpha adrenergic receptors are a major gateway for sympathetic tone in the abdomen (sympathetic tone can be caused either directly by sympathetic nerve impulses, or by adrenaline (epinephrine), released from the adrenal medullas upon sympathetic stimulation). If you block pelvic alpha adrenergic receptors, you minimize any effect the sympathetic nervous system (directly or via the release of adrenaline) can exert in this part of the body.

I can go without the Viagra when I am with a girlfriend that has a good sexual technique. Without Viagra (but on tongkat ali), erections may not be as instantaneous as they are on Viagra, or on a combination of Viagra and tongkat ali. They may require some "manipulation" or "handling" of my member. But I can enjoy sex (and a great erection!) for a longer time when on tongkat ali (in this way, men with a premature ejaculation problem will probably benefit from tongkat ali, too), and I have the most powerful orgasms of my whole life.

After all of this, you may be surprised to learn that I judge tongkat ali to be superior to Viagra not primarily because of the different efficacies.

Primarily, I consider tongkat ali superior to Viagra because tongkat ali is a natural substance, and Viagra, or sildenafil citrate by generic name, is a xenobiotic.

The difference between natural substances and xenobiotics is that natural substances have been part of the human environment for hundreds, thousands, and even millions of years. If we just go back far enough, all life forms on earth are related to each other. Testosterone is a masculinizing hormone not just in humans, but in all mammals. And the nervous systems of humans and chickens, and of humans and fish, are organized in basically the same way (based on ion channels, which open for impulse conduction).

While some substances in the natural world are poisons to some life forms, all life forms are specifically adapted to a very large number of chemical substances that are part of their environment.

Xenobiotics are manmade chemicals that are not part of the natural environment of any life form. While xenobiotics may have an ameliorating effect on some conditions or diseases, it can safely be assumed that almost always, they will somehow negatively affect homeostasis. The negative effects may only show after years of use, and they may appear in an unexpected context. But they are real, and with enough research, they can be traced.

A very common side effect of xenobiotics is that they are carcinogenous. Or that they interfere with sexual function. Only recently, it has been discovered that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen (which has been used by millions for many, many years) significantly increase the risk of heart attacks. And dopaminergics such as bromocriptine and cabergoline can, when taken for years, cause pleural thickening, thus making pulmonary respiration a painful exercise. Who would want this?

I have to laugh when so-called life extensionists or "experts" of anti-aging medicine advocate a regimen of a whole assortment of xenobiotic pharmaceutical products. Xenobiotic pharmaceutical products are indicated in the treatment of certain medical conditions for which they can bring clear relief. They are not suited for a long-term strategy to improve overall health. Which is why most xenobiotic pharmaceuticals rightly are prescription drugs. They are useful only in a relatively narrow sense, and while I grant that educated non-physicians can make an informed choice on their use, a great many other people should better only use them on the advice of a MD because their unrealistic expectations will likely not be met by the drug.

The latest trend in pharmaceutical advertising (e.g. on the Internet) is that the drug companies target the consumer directly by suggesting that patients request certain medications from their doctors. The net effect of such advertising is that many misguided consumers will bypass their physicians to purchase these drugs. Outside of North America and Western Europe, prescription laws are seldom enforced, so US and European citizens on holiday often use stock up when traveling abroad. Furthermore, even US citizens can buy whatever medications they want from overseas sources such as Masters Marketing in the UK, or from online Mexican pharmacies.

Prolonged use of xenobiotics is the wrong strategy for a long-term improvement of one's health. Proper strategies are based on the avoidance of influences that impair one's health, on proper nutrition, and on the use of herbal supplement (which are a form of nutrition, e.g. the consumption of green tea for problems of alertness, or brazil nuts to guard against a variety of cancers, or tongkat ali for sexual function).

Sildenafil citrate is a manmade xenobiotic. It doesn't occur in the natural world. And while sildenafil citrate definitely works in causing erections, it is not a medication that would be indicated for day-to-day use to improve one's overall health. Which is why the Viagra package insert (which had to be approved by the FDA) clearly states that the drug is not for everyday use.

If the aim is a long-term overall improvement of sexual health and sexual capacity, then our best option still is tongkat ali. It has been used in Southeast Asia for thousands of years, and it has been part of the human Southeast Asian habitat for millions of years, so in one way or another, our ancestors have always been exposed to it, and adaptation has occurred. While the effects of tongkat ali may not be as dramatic as the effects of Viagra on a single-use basis, tongkat ali is superior to Viagra because it is suited for a long-term strategy to improve sexual health.

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Tongkat Ali compared to dopaminergics

My initial preference for sexual enhancement has been yohimbine. This was in times when Viagra was not yet available.

My next phase were dopaminergics. I have written extensively about the use of dopaminergics in sexual enhancement.

Before, after, and in between the above, I had tried, off and on, all kinds of hormonal therapies. I didn't have any success with them.

In June and July 2003, I have been using only a combination of tongkat ali and cheap Indian sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra, see

This doesn't mean that I would have turned against yohimbine and dopaminergics. These medications do work. But they all work in different ways. And I assume that it lies in the dialectical nature of our sexuality that all sexual enhancement medications loose some of their kick as we get used to them. Just as routine can be a grave for sexual excitement, routinely used sexual enhancement medications tend to loose their effectiveness.

I mentioned that sexual enhancement medications work in different ways. First of all, one has to differentiate between medications that work on penile plumbing and those that work on the neurological wiring.

Erectile failure in most cases is a localized vascular problem: blood vessels have to supply a sufficient amount of blood to the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum, and drainage has to be avoided. This is all rather mechanical, and it can be achieved pharmacologically either by sildenafil citrate or yohimbine.

When Viagra was not available yet, yohimbine was the only oral drug to specifically treat erectile shortcomings. Another option was injectable prostaglandin E1 (alprostadil). Alprostadil is now available as cream.

Other medications were (and are) useful for sexual enhancement only when there were (or are) no erectile but only neurological sexual problems. If the problem is vascular, no dose of a libido enhancer will induce an erection.

A large number of people are not sufficiently aware of the duality of penile plumbing and neurological wiring. And except for yohimbine, there is no sexual enhancement medication that would work on both components.

Yohimbine does, as the adrenalin which yohimbine displaces from abdominal alpha-2 adrenergic receptors (which, among other things, regulate penile blood flow) reoccur systemically as neurological stimulant.

However, the strong sympathetic impulse caused by systemic adrenaline (in the form of norepinephrine) makes it difficult for the parasympathetic nerve system to take over at the point of orgasm, which, with regular usage of yohimbine, makes for weak ejaculations and orgasms that are no match for the pre-orgasmic excitement.

But sex with a firm erection aided by yohimbine is still better than no erection, which normally means: no proper sex.

Therefore, Viagra (and generic sildenafil citrate), or any other medication that fixes penile plumbing, is a necessity for many men above 40, and for most above 50 or 60.

And only when there are no plumbing problems do other medications (those that work on libido) become relevant.

By and large, there are two groups of pharmaceutical agents that work on libido: those that effect neurotransmitters, and those that target the endocrine (hormonal) system. I say "by and large" because the two systems are intertwined. Drugs that elevate the neurotransmitter dopamine (dopaminergics) also suppress the hormone prolactin. Prolactin not only regulates lactation in women but also keeps testosterone in check in men and women. Typically, less prolactin means more testosterone. Furthermore, some hormones can act as neurotransmitters and vice versa; norepinephrine, C8H13NO3, is both a hormone and a neurotransmitter.

The neurotransmitter system reacts much faster than the hormonal system, and you feel this when you take pharmacological agents that act on it. When an effective dosage of any neurotransmitter modifying medications kicks in, you feel it. With most dopaminergics, there is a slight nausea, or at least a desire to lie down. And there is a clear window of opportunity for improved sex, which usually is the first few hours during which a neurotransmitter drug is active (for apomorphine, this window of opportunity is the shortest; for cabergoline, it is the longest).

When you use neurotransmitters to improve sex, you always know that you have taken something.

This is not the case with drugs that work on the endocrine system, unless a huge overdose is consumed (for example when women take a testosterone dosage that was formulated for men). Usually, endocrine medications cannot be felt directly. Whether you use growth hormone injections, testosterone cream, Andriol capsules, Proviron, methyltestosterone, anastrozole, or clomiphene, there is no clear onset, and now clear end-of-efficacy time.

In me and many other users, any testosterone-raising medication can cause an outburst of anger (if there is an event that triggers it). The outburst may happen after 2 hours, or after 4, or after 8 or not at all, if nothing happens that would give me reason to get angry. But let me drive a car in a Third World country where people typically do not follow any traffic rules, and not even traffic common sense! If I have taken testosterone-raising medications, I will not be able to keep my calm.

The case is similar, but still more erratic with libido. Medications that work on the endocrine system can be extremely sexualizing, but it is very hard to plan this effect.

You can have a sexual schedule when you take yohimbine or dopaminergics. I will reliably have an erection some one-and-one-half hours after ingesting some 10 to 20 mg of yohimbine. I just have to scratch my member, and voila, here we go.

Likewise, when on apomorphine, bromocriptine, or cabergoline, I will feel more excitement during intercourse than when in a sober state. The dopaminergics usually only exert their effect when already at it; at the dosages that I use, they do little for pre-intercourse desire. But Parkinson's patients who use much higher dosages, and do so constantly, often are in a constant state of sexual alert.

Viagra isn't as reliable for erections as yohimbine. When I take Viagra without dopaminergics or endocrine agents, I may not have the libido impulse to cause a hard erection. I may just have an enlarged but still flaccid penis, and not much drive to pursue intercourse.

Tongkat ali is an endocrine agent, not a vascular modifier. Endocrine agents have a subtle effect on libido. To describe it, I have to reach back a few decades.

I remember the time when I was 12 or 13 years old. Often, before falling asleep, I could daydream along for half an hour or an hour, just imagining sexual scenarios. There was a girl, two or three years my senior, and heavy-bodied, and I imagined I were to abduct her to an old farmhouse, and lock her up, and just observe her through a peephole until she were to pee.

I could just recall this fantasy, night after night, and imagine and re-imagine explicit details, and the excitement wouldn't wane. Night after night, week after week. Never bored.

I could still get lost in masturbation fantasies until the end of my 20's, but in my 30's and 40's, they were no more. As I grew older, sex moved from between the ears to between the groins. While at a younger age, erections came from imagination, they later required physical sensation.

Enter the tongkat ali.

What I first noticed was that during routine sex with an established partner, my mind began wondering off to strange ideas. That I was a perverse school headmaster who would punish pupils arriving delayed by squeezing some private parts. Or that I was a cruel Chinese emperor with a harem of 1000 concubines. Those who couldn't bring me to orgasm would be executed. And I really had them work to save their lives.All of that during standard intercourse with a dear lady with whom I otherwise have a rather practical relationship.

Now, this has been going on for weeks. The settings of my fantasies change, but what remains the same is that I really can indulge in them for about half an hour, while at intercourse with a routine sex partner who is completely absent from the scenario that I imagine.

This is how I feel tongkat ali's impact on my endocrine system. And I love it.

Or rather: this is how I feel a gram of the 1:50 extract I obtain from Sumatra Pasak Bumi (website: I had earlier tried other tongkat ali products, but their effect had been nondescript. Please see my article on tongkat ali dosage for what I consider effective and non-effective amounts.

Because tongkat ali is not a switch-on switch-off sexual stimulant, I believe it is best to take it on a daily basis for about two or three weeks, and then to rest it for about a week. I usually take it some time around noon, as a single 1-gram dosage. Initially I felt a specific hotheadedness after about an hour, but this effect has since subsided.

I cannot say that after 2 hours, or 4 hours, or even after 8 hours I would have great sex. I cannot willfully switch it on. Great sex on tongkat ali comes sporadic. Could be later in the day, or even just the next morning.

I always take the tongkat ali with sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra, 50 mg). I don't have the blood vessel stability to go without it. I tried, after another participant in our tongkat ali trial reported that the tongkat ali allows him to go without the Viagra, but when I left it out of my cocktail, my erection clearly wasn't of the usual sildenafil-aided quality.

By all indications, tongkat ali is a hormonal stimulant, and hormonal stimulants, including testosterone, have a weak track record when it comes to aiding erections. Tongkat ali is no exception.

I have a good number of girlfriends. I enjoy variation, and I do not intend to go without it, especially as it has taken me a lot of efforts to arrange everything in a manner that would allow me this lifestyle.

But I believe that the greatest benefit from tongkat ali will be enjoyed by people who are in a rather steady and monogamous relationship. If I have enough imagination, I don't need variation. As a matter of fact, my imaginations blossom brighter with a routine partner who knows my physical preferences and doesn't need verbal attention before or during intercourse. With a routine partner, I just can dive into an ocean of fantasies, without need to resurface for rather practical matters.

On the other hand, when on tongkat ali, the strangeness of a new partner, too, can be turned into sexual excitement. In that case it's not so much the indulging in fantasies but the idea of conscious role play. The roles may not be as weird as my fantasies with a routine partner, but they are still different from normal, sober life.

So, whatever the setting, tongkat ali clearly supports the imaginative part of sexual interaction.

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