Penis size in Asia

Japanese and Chinese female tourists favor Indonesia because Indonesian men are probably the best endowed in all of East and Southeast Asia, which likely is a consequence of the fact that tongkat ali (pasak bumi in Indonesian) is so popular in the country. And pasak bumi (Eurycoma longifolia) does have the scientifically proven effect of causing permanent penile enlargement, though the scientific studies have been conducted with laboratory animals, not on human subjects (

The penis and testicle enlargement from pasak bumi is a direct effect of the root's testosterone enhancing properties. Initially, during puberty, what causes rapid growth of a boy's penis and testicles is the sudden increased testosterone production by the Leydig cells of the testicles ( Interruption of Leydig cell activity causes penile and testicular shrinkage any time during a man's life.

This is why bodybuilders who use steroids always suffer some degree of penile and testicular shrinkage: the exogenous testosterone they supply in the form of injections or dermal pads causes the Leydig cells to largely shut down the body' own synthesis of testosterone, and promptly, there is penile and testicular tissue loss.

Pasak bumi (tongkat ali) works the opposite way. Pasak bumi is not a form of exogenous testosterone. Rather, it stimulates the Leydig cells to produce more testosterone, as has been shown in numerous laboratory studies.

The equation is simple. Less Leydig cell activity = smaller penile and testicular tissue mass. More Leydig cell activity = larger penile and testicular mass.

For its power to increase penis and testicular mass, as well as to heighten libido, pasak bumi (tongkat ali) has been popular in Indonesia for centuries, and still today, it is promoted in Indonesian cities on huge billboards and even in TV ads. Not just as a health supplement, but rather indiscreetly, as the magic behind why some husbands can satisfy their wives, and others can't.

And the fact that Japanese girls have such a marked preference for Indonesian, Balinese, men among all Asian men, does support the results of deductive and inductive scientific contemplations about the effect of this root.

While Japanese women, or women from other Asian countries, may be shay in matters of oral sex, physical attributes such as the penis size of men are discussed in a surprisingly open manner.

On the other hand, it is probably not that surprising if one considers that many temples of the Japanese Shinto religion display huge carved penises as the most revered objects (

And on Thailand's Samui Island, pilgrims from all over the country come to pay homage to a natural stone formation that looks similar to a huge erect penis (

In the clubs of Tokyo, the quality, and especially the size, of penises of foreign male regular guests is discussed among the females just as openly as the fashion offers of boutiques, and men with what they call "huge machines" can easily achieve celebrity status. At that stage, young women literally fall in line to have their hour in bed with that particular man.

Usually, the man is an African or African-American (because of their genetically determined "huge machines"), with the odd (pasak bumi-aided) Indonesian or the Japanese local ( amongst them.

By the way, Viagra and the other phosphodiesterase inhibitors won't do the trick. They can only assure that a man's organ will have temporary proper rigidity, but will have no effect on maximum size, nor will the size increase be permanent. For phosphodiesterase inhibitors do not work on Leydig cells and thus will not cause tissue growth.

While clearly, their "huge machines" are the primary trump card of African and African-American men in East and Southeast Asian countries, their typically provocative manners also work in their favor. While white men in Asia typically try to adjust to the polite local style, African and African-American men often express the hip-hop "Hey man", "Bullshit", and "Fuck you" attitude towards other males, especially local Asian men. This unpolished hip-hop style, expressed in clothing, body language, and the verbal interaction with local men and authorities signals to local girls a degree of wildness that they never encounter in local men, and which they find extremely sexy.



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